Island Whimsy by Celerie Kemble

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"Island Whimsy: Designing a Paradise by the Sea" by Celerie Kemble

Pre-purchase your copy of Island Whimsy for the presentation and book signing to be held April 5th (you must purchase a ticket to the event separately to attend.)

Celerie Kemble, an interior designer, is known for her whimsical elegance. She used many "dream-like" elements to reveal a paradise of ideas for the indoor and outdoor spaces at Playa Grande, the property lies next to minty-blue water and an endless stretch of golden sand. It is as comfortable as it is transporting.  In her book, Island Whimsy, she recounts the personal and creative journey of designing Playa Grande, a true labor of love. A  Paradise By The Sea for all to come and enjoy!

Books will be picked up at the Event. This purchase does not count towards the AIB Membership Obligation. 


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