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2023 Festival of Fine Arts & Flowers: Art in Bloom Committee Chairs

Show Chair:  Stacy Jennings
Show Manager:  Charlie Miller
Appraisals:  Betty Sandhagen
Art in Bloom:  Gwen Rich, Lauren March
Auction: Linda Barnby, Patricia Gay, Paula Kennedy
Blossoms & Blooms:  Christine Girand
Bubbles & Bloom:
  Melissa Valley
Café:  Provisional Class
Café Culinary:  
Debbie Greear, Amy Arnold-Sirmans, Stacie Porcher
Café Décor:  Terri Bates, Susan Harris, Amy Arnold-Sirmans, Stacia Aman
Corporate Sponsorship:  Allison Hudson
Daily Entertainment: Donna Neck
Hospitality: Annette Dennig, Lisa Utsey
Fashion in Bloom: Katrena Luoni, Linda Baldocchi
Finance:  Lee Nimkoff
Graphic Design:  In-House
Marketing & Media Relations:  Carla Bray
Media Spokesperson:  Linda Cegelis
Museum Liaison:  Donna Neck, Kathryn Farr
Mystery Home Tour:  Tina Leger, Beth Dover, Elizabeth Bell
Office Support:  Vanessa Cruz
Opening Night Party:  Stacy Jennings
Outdoor Market:  Anne Olenek
Overall Décor: Terri Bates, Susan Harris, Kaity White
Parking:  Donna Neck
Public & Media Relations: Carla Bray
Publicity / Advertising / Radio:  Carla Bray
Security:  Donna Neck
Signage:  Aimee Hitchner  
Social Media:  Carla Bray
Guest Designer Speaker:  Cynthia Latham, Pam Webb, Kim Burst Wood
Guest Artist Speaker: Anne Olenek
Tables in Bloom:  Susan Filebark
Tickets:  Nancy Vedner  
Volunteers:  Susie Bragg